Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bumpin' updates

It is still taking me time to get use to the baby bump that is now fixed to my body.  I've been very fortunate (and worked very hard) to make this as healthy a pregnancy as I can, so I've been lucky that the weight I've gained so far is mostly in my stomach.  I'm my relative size everywhere else, with the exception of the basketball sized baby bump attached to my mid-section.Yes, we read the daily updates on the growing size and weight of our little one, and you'd think that I'd have wrapped my head around it by now, but I am still sometimes surprised by the reflection in the mirror.  In light of the new addition to my body, many different things have happened as a result.  A few are below:

* A friend of mine called me 'Buddah Belly" for the first time. She quickly tried to assure me that the belly was cute and that it looked like the little buddah bellies you see on statues, and that it just looks so touchable.. she's lucky she's a friend..

* I walked to lunch with a friend the other day, and on our way back, a guy yells out the car window 'Hey Girl, Hey' (insert valley girl intonation there).  We both look at each-other and laugh.  I was so caught off guard, but after the fact, I wish I had turned to him, rubbed my very visibly pregnant stomach and said 'oh ya? you find this sexy?'

* I swear the baby is making me lose my mind. One of my co-workers was to be induced on Friday to have her baby girl.  I was talking with a group of other co-workers and voiced how much of a bummer it would be for the baby to be born on that day (date wise). Her birthday would fall on a leap year every 4 years, and that would be a bummer.  They all stared at me blankly and one finally said "The only way her birthday would be on a leap year is if she were born on one.  Today is March 1."  cripes

* I dropped something on the floor the other day and Brandon watched me bend/squat down to pick it up and just laughed at me. Turns out I look as ridiculous as I feel when I do it =/

Just a few of the items that have fallen on the floor and I've left as a casualty.  Lucky for me, I work in an office and these things are all readily available..

* I purchased two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies recently (thin mints) and proceeded to eat an entire sleeve in one sitting.

* The baby is incredibly stubborn already.  I can be laying on the couch watching him/her move from the outside, and the minute I turn on the camera to get it on film, he/she stops immediately.  When I finally give up and turn the camera off, the movement starts up again!

* I'm on the board of an advertising non-profit group here in town, and last week we had our annual fundraiser.  As part of this, I helped organized the silent auction.  On the day of the event there were a few items dropped off last minute and needed photographs for the bidding sheets.  I kept taking photos and on reviewing them, I couldn't figure out why half of the bottom of each image kept getting cut off.  Turns out I was standing too close to the table, and the baby was halfway in each photo. (See below). You'd think I would've figured it out sooner and stepped back from the table, but I guess not.

* While eating in the past week, I've noticed that food has fallen onto my stomach rather than my lap.  Three seperate times.

* When I use the sink here at work, twice now I've leaned over to wash my hands, and gotten water on the bottom of my belly.  Thank goodness I looked in the mirror before leaving, because I couldn't see the water from just looking down.

* I can no longer see my feet without leaning forward.

* Putting on shoes has become increasingly difficult.  Any slip on flats are good, anything with zippers, buckles, laces or straps have been retired for the time being. Yes, this includes my tennis shoes for the gym. pretty soon i'm going to start showing up bare-foot.

* When I  was younger (and even to this day) I dont like having pressure put on my stomach.  Belts, leggings, too tight pants, etc.  Well, I've somehow passed this onto our baby bear becuase he/she sits so low that the seam of all my maternity clothes rest right on where he/she has decided to take up residence.  If i sit for 15 minutes at a time for any reason, WoabbaLee starts kicking and rolling around like crazy until i lean back to relieve the pressure.

* If I sleep to far on my side, WoabbaLee gets irritated and starts kicking me from both sides until I wake up and roll onto my back.

* We have a future athlete in there, I'm sure of it.  I frequently get kicked in varying spots in rapid succession, and just recently I've started to get some kicks in my ribs.  Just this morning I woke up and I've got what feels like an internal bruise about the size of a $.50 piece.

In other news, I thought it would be good to show a photo of what we look like on a daily basis, not just in the "weekly bump photo" attire. I make no claims what-so-ever about being fashionable, but today is a day that I actually feel pretty good about what I'm wearing. Maternity clothing has come a long way (so I'm told) and I'm grateful that things are able to be comfortable but still cute. Granted, this shirt is slightly looser than most, but you get the idea of the relative size of the baby :)  This is us at 27 weeks, 2 days.




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