Thursday, February 28, 2013

closet upgrades

If you're able to remember a few weeks back, I mentioned that we were in the midst of some home renovation projects, and I'd post photos at a later date.  Well, lucky you, that day is today!

If you've been to our humble abode before, you know that additional closet space isn't something we have in scad amounts.  Additional space of any sort isn't something we have either, but our cozy little house has been a great starter home for us, so I can't really say to many negative things about it.

Office Closet- before
When we first moved in, we had the typical 3 bedroom, 1 bath layout of a house with less than 1,000sq. feet. (yes you read that correctly). Each of our rooms closely resembles a crackerjack box (B has actually said that before), but we are able to make a large majority of our furniture fit without any issues.  We use to have our master bedroom, a guest room and an office, but since finding out we are pregnant, the guest room has made room for WoabbaLee's future room.  By code, each room has a closet, but for us, having a 'catch all' junk closet in the office just wasn't practical.  All my clothes were in the guest room, and B's clothes were in our room.  Knowing that this situation wouldn't work when the baby arrives, we looked at our available options, and decided to pull the closet from the office into our bedroom (they share a wall) so we could have two closets in the master, one in WoabbaLee's room, and no closet in the office.  Yes, this may affect re-sale later, but at this point, we are more concerned with our livability (is that a word?) than the re-sale.

B's old closet-before
We first started with the ridiculous task of getting everything out of the two existing closets (in separate rooms), and since we had no space to put things, everything ended up in the baby's room.  I wish I had taken a photo of this catastrophe, but I don't know if I'd be able to bring myself to post the photo online. Yes, it really was that bad.  I just had to keep the door shut during the duration of the project because I'd get heartburn every time I opened the door.

Goodbye office closet, hello makings of a new wall!
Once things were cleared out, we had a family friend/contractor come over and do the hard labor for us.  We helped with a small amount of demo, and then he came in and cut the opening for the new closet into our room, sealed up the opening in the office, and put support beams in place of the 2x4s he had cut through in the wall.  Once all the nitty gritty work was done, we weighed the pros and cons of having someone come in  and do the tape/texture/mud work for us, or try to tackle it ourselves.  We eventually made the decision to try it ourselves and after a few trips to Lowe's, we got started. (B was pretty hesitant to have us try to tackle this on our own.  I don't know why though.. during another home reno project we once tore up old flooring, laid new tile (grout and all!) in 2 days). I'm surprised to say that it wasn't as bad of a project as i had previously thought.  That being said however, if we went into the construction business, I don't know if someone would hire me for my quality of work, but, we got it done in a week or so, which I'm told is roughly the same amount of time a professional would have taken as well. 
Both closets in place, but still waiting for tape/texture

** Don't worry, I made sure to take necessary precautions with the dry wall dust and all that.  You'd think after a warning from Gpa Dobbs that I'd have remembered to pick up a face mask at Lowes (on one of our 5 trips there) for the dust, but no, I didn't.  I instead improvised and used my headlamp that B got me for Christmas, and jerry-rigged a hand towel in front of my face to help prevent the dust inhalation.   So not only did I have my headlamp on, towel in front of my face like an 85 year old bank robber, i also had my safety glasses on.  And each time I breathed, i would somehow fog up the glasses.  I looked reeeal professional throughout the project (I got paint in my hair later too) but at least WoabbaLee was safe.

  We painted everything, picked out some closet systems at Lowe's and once they were installed, we got to work organizing everything.  I can comfortably say we've made at least 3 trips to the local Good Will store with extra clothing, shoes, house decorations, etc. that we discovered we no longer needed. 

For whatever reason, I can't get captions underneath these last few photos, but you can see the natural progression of the project- right?  The results are awesome, and have helped make our house feel a little more 'homey'.  Now that we have all our clothes in the appropriate rooms, we are that much closer to finishing the baby's room.  We have the walls painted, the crib put together and the mattress purchased.  I made a baby quilt and it is awaiting the quilting machine as I write this.  Photos of the finished nursery will come once it is a bit more put together, but we love how it has turned out so far!

If you've made it to the end of this whole post- thanks for sticking with me!  Its quite the departure from our usual weekly bump photo, but I figured there are other things going on in our lives (in addition to the baby) and it makes sense to include some of that info as well.



  1. Holy cow! I'm amazed! It looks great!

  2. Thanks guys! we worked hard on it and are very proud :)