Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Name Game

In in light of the fact that we aren't finding out the gender, we frequently struggle with what to call our baby bear. Most people believe the baby is a boy, and while I often find myself referencing the baby as he/him/his, I don't want to sell the baby short- just in case it is a girl- i don't want her to have been slighted while in-utero.
Long story short, Grandpa and Grandma Dobbs always come up with a name for the baby, boy or girl, so it can be referenced in conversation and Grandma and Grandpa Akley aren't too pleased that I constantly refer to the baby as "it", so both have come up with a name.
My parents have started to call the baby "Woabba"- it is from a local family band that they like. And gma and gpa Akley have started to call it "Lee"- Brandon and his little brother's middle name.
Well, during dinner at the in-laws last week, I let them know the name that my parents have chosen and gpa Akley got quiet for a minute and a slow smile began to spread across his face. When I asked what he was smiling about, he said that if you combine the two names, you get a really good one.

That's right folks.. Our baby now goes by the name "WobbaLee".

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