Friday, February 8, 2013

Pregnancy Pluses so far

There have been plenty of interesting moments in the pregnancy thus far (Remember this post?), but there have also been many things that I would certainly consider a plus.  The list of great things baby related will be another post, but the things below are all a by-product of WoabbaLee that I'm currently loving.

1) Hair Growth. My hair has grown inches (literally) since I got pregant.  It is still technically a 'medium' length hair-style but we are rapidly approaching the 'long' length hair-styles, and I'm super excited.  Thank you prenatal vitamins!
2) No more belly button lint. My belly button is the cleanest is has ever been in my whole life.  The more my skin stretches and my belly button flattens out, the cleaner it gets. #score
3) Moisturized skin (in parts). My torso from neck to hip is the most moisturized it has ever been. The rest of my body is another story, mainly becuase I can't quite bend down to rub lotion on my legs, but still.. half my body counts as a success.
4) Round Belly Forgiveness.   Being pregnant is the one time in your life that the bigger your belly gets, the more people love it. 
5) Smiles from strangers. Now that I'm actually showing enough to look pregnant, women see me walking around and give me the biggest grin.  Men on the other hand, I think most of them are still too nervous to ask if I'm pregnant (if they dont already know) so unless the baby is in my arms already, they wont smile or say a thing- just in case.
6) Excuse for being late. I know, I know, we all hate a late person, but this way in the morning when I can't find a single thing to wear because the bump is getting so big, I can say my reason without hesitation and know that people will understand.
7) Desserts.  People are usually fairly tight fisted with their desserts, and sharing of them is highly irregular, but if they see me eye-balling the last cookie or brownie, they usually offer it without hesitation.  
8) Maternity Pants. Wearing pants without a zipper or a button has been amazing.  Avoiding the mid-conversation silent panic of whether or not your fly is down  has been pretty great.  Not going to lie- I'll be a little bummed when I need to remember to check this after the baby is born.
9) Center of attention.  Yes this one seems selfish, and it is.  Usually I hate being the center of attention, I get all awkward and tell stupid jokes to divert the focus, but being pregnant has been great because everyone is so genuinely interested in WoabbaLee, that its awesome to know the baby is so loved before it even gets here.
10) The parting of the seas. When I'm not pregnant, working my way through a crowd can be a challenge.  I'm a very slight person, and not very tall, so you do the math.  Being pregnant though, I sometimes feel like Moses at the Red Sea- people will look up at me from 50ft away and move to the other side of the sidewalk, just so I dont have to.  I should start carrying a walking stick to make it feel more authentic.
11) Gym classes. This may seem out of place, but taking various gym classes while pregnant has been awesome.  There have been numerous occasions that I can't do the specific move due to WoabbaLee being in the way, so I miss out on a few of the harder exercises in the class. ;) No, this is not me being lazy, I'm doing pretty dang well to be attending gym classes at all thankyouverymuch.
12) Dropping things. I'm to the point where it is becoming rapidly more uncomfortable to bend over and pick things up like a normal person, I instead find something to steady myself and do a wierd squat maneuver to pick it up.  Knowing this, many of my colleagues will see me drop something (a pen, folder, my cell phone) and snag it off the floor for me.  Certain items (a pen, folder, binder clip, etc.) have been counted as a casualty and remain on the floor when there is no-one near by to help.  Yes this will get worse, I know.

Again, this list will continue to grow the larger I get, but so far, things have been pretty great.

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